There are are more than 40 specialized laboratories and facilities located on the DRI Campus adjacent to the Dandini Research Park. DRI research laboratories provide high quality services specializing in research and technology development by offering sampling, monitoring, analytical aspects, and data interpretation. Additionally, the University of Nevada supports the research park mission with a vast number of facilities located less than 2 miles from the park.

Facilities by Institute

Atmospheric Science
Aerosol Physics Lab
Aerosol Research Lab
Atmospheric & Dispersion Modeling Lab
Carter Family Optics & Acoustics Lab
CEFA Operations & Forecast Facility
Cloud Microphysics & Aerosol Chemistry Lab
Electronics & Engineering Design Lab
Energy Laboratory
Environmental Analysis Facility
Hydrometeor Imaging Laboratory
Ice Physics Lab
Mercury Analytical Lab
Mesoscale Dynamics & Modeling Lab
Meteorology Calibration Lab
Organic Analytical Lab
Particulate Emission Measurement Lab
X-Ray Diffraction Analytical Lab
Earth & Ecosystem Science
Archaeobotany Lab
Archeology Lab
Great Basin Environmental Research Lab
Geochronology Lab (Luminescence Dating)
Ecologically Controlled Enclosed Lysimeter Labs
Environmental Growth Chambers
Environmental Microbial Lab
Geomicrobial Lab
Molecular Microbial Ecology Lab
Paleoecology Lab
Soil Nutrient & Ecology Lab
Spatial Analysis Facilities
Systems Microbial Ecology Lab
Hydrologic Science
Environmental Geochemistry Lab
Soils Lab
Trace Chemistry Lab (Clean Room)
Water Analysis Lab
Center for Advanced Computation & Modeling
Select Facilities
Great Basin Science Sample & Records Library
Bioresource Renewable Energy Lab
Electron Microscopy & Microanalysis Facility
Neuroevolution & Behavior Lab
Software Engineering Lab
Advanced Geotechnical Testing Lab
Earthquake Engineering Simulation
Integrated Bio-analytical Systems
Active Materials & Processing Lab
Composite & Intelligent Materials Lab
Electroactive Systems & Control Lab
Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy
Nevada Seismological Lab
Nevada Terawatt Facility
Center for Molecular Medicine
Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Diseases