DRI and UNR Faculty

The entrepreneurial spirit at DRI is supported with a policy allowing research faculty to consult 416 hours per year in the private sector. Additionally, DRI and University of Nevada researchers benefit from one of the most lucrative Technology Transfer-Intellectual Property royalty programs in the nation.

Researchers at DRI and the University of Nevada have made key discoveries in renewable energy, engineered technology, life science, physical science and environmental science and pursue a wide variety of research topics relevant to the Research Park mission areas including:


Division Faculty
Advanced Computing & Visualization
Atmospheric Science
Clean Technology & Renewable Energy
Earth & Ecosystem Science 52
Hydrologic Science
Approximate TOTAL 176

Faculty and Support Staff in the areas of Advanced Computing and Clean Technology are inclusive in the Divisions of Atmospheric and Hydrologic Science.

Inclusive of technologists and support staff, DRI has more than 400 researchers in its three operating divisions.

University of Nevada

College Faculty
Engineering - Chemical & Metallurgical
Engineering - Civil & Environmental
Engineering - Computer Science 17
Engineering - Electrical/BioMed
Engineering - Mechanical
Health Sciences 88
Science - Biology 29
Science - Chemistry 19
Science - Geological 17
Science - Earth Science & Mining 29
Science - Mathematics 29
Science - Physics 36
School of Medicine 130
Approximate TOTAL 628

Selected relevant areas of research.